BB Shades is a major Design Trade resource for Custom Lamp Shades.

The company is known “…for their elegant lamp shades with timeless styles that accent and bring subtle life
to a room”.

We custom design lamp shades in collaboration with our clients.  We work in our own materials or in COM
with the goal of creating ambient lighting via the thoughtful layering of sheer fabrics and colors, the use of
textures and draping methods.

With a discriminating client base throughout the US and abroad, BB Shades is recognized for the versatility
of styles and full range of artistic  media   employed in fashioning our shades.  A hallmark of the studio is the adeptness of our artisans to develop lamp shade designs from pictures of lighting fixtures and schematics for
long-distance clientele.  This special skill is valued by many interior design firms who rely on us as a partner
in their business.

As a service-driven company, BB Shades often performs on-site design work and final installation.  We are appreciated for providing custom design solutions at different price points and executing projects in a timely manner.

New and unique shade creations are launched regularly to keep current with interior fabrications and trends.
Our design office and showroom are located in Westport, CT.